Can a change of thought really cure an allergy?

Daniel Mocsari helps his three-week-old son Bodhi become used to mastiff Nalla. Research shows keeping pets reduces allergies to dogs and cats. Picture: Jane Dempster Source: The Australian

Just yesterday I read in an article in the online Medical Journal of Australia that “Allergic diseases increased dramatically throughout the 20th century, a change that has been described as an “epidemic”. And what’s more, “The incidence of allergic disease in Australia is one of the highest in the world.”

I’d have to agree that I often hear that there is a likelihood that we could be allergic to something in the environment, and lots of my friends have allergies and suffer a great deal. We’re told by the media that maybe we all need to be more careful about what we eat and to stay clear of some foods. So when last month I read in the Courier Mail that a new skin patch has been developed that can gradually treat an allergic reaction to peanuts, I was delighted to hear that a way forward and out of fear of allergic reaction to peanuts had emerged, at least.

We have also certainly been told that many people, and perhaps a loved one, may need to stay out of the way of bees or pollen or furry animals, in case there is an allergic reaction. It is understandable the fear that is engendered because of a possible lethal reaction, in some cases. But there is more bright news on the horizon. There was a great article by Leigh Dayton in The Australian on the 14 June that stated, “The good news comes from US researchers, who reported overnight in the journal Clinical and Experimental Allergy that keeping a dog or cat in the home does not increase children’s risk of becoming allergic to the pets — a common fear among parents. The research says having pets actually reduces the risk of children developing an allergy”.

However, for a long time Echinacea and Vitamin C have been believed to help us ward off colds. But last week an ‘expert’ affirmed on Channel 7’s Sunrise program that ‘herbal remedies are nothing more than placebos’. Read an earlier guest post on placebos.

It seems that we are at the mercy of an immense hostile environment and still trying to unravel the mysteries of the universe through the physical sciences. Mankind is making some progress and it’s always good to hear of improvements in our health, safety, happiness and standard of living, but could there be another way?

A remarkable discovery was made during the last part of the 19th Century, by Mary Baker Eddy. Through evidence based research, she found that rather than a matter-based universe affecting us helpfully or injuriously, it is our thought that directly affects our bodies. Check out the results of her experience with this research when a woman that suffered physically when east winds blew was healed instantaneously.

This and thousands of other healing experiences, as a result of her new understanding that the universe is spiritual, forced Mrs Eddy to come to the conclusion that all life is really mental and spiritual. She could then write: “There is no life, truth, intelligence nor substance in matter. All is infinite Mind and its infinite manifestation.”

She included the above statement in her text book, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, that emerged from this evidence based research or scientific healing prayer; and the following observation, “When there are fewer prescriptions, and less thought is given to sanitary subjects, there will be better constitutions and less disease. In old times who ever heard of dyspepsia, cerebro-spinal meningitis, hay-fever, and rose-cold? What an abuse of natural beauty to say that a rose, the smile of God, can produce suffering! The joy of its presence, its beauty and fragrance, should uplift the thought, and dissuade any sense of fear or fever. It is profane to fancy that the perfume of clover and the breath of new-mown hay can cause glandular inflammation”.

It’s time that this truth is made available to all mankind and the world realises that thought doesn’t just impact some aspects of our health and lives, but ALL aspects.

Read how eczema and allergies to foods and plants have vanished through scientific healing prayer.

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