About Me

Kay Stroud

I’m a freelance writer focussing on the undeniable connection between consciousness and wellbeing, particularly spirituality and health. I write a regular column for my local newspaper, as well as providing articles for other metropolitan and regional newspapers throughout Australia and New Zealand. I’m a regular contributor to Australia’s national forum, Online Opinion.

Because my own spiritual practice of Christian Science has helped me so much over the past four decades I’m curious to see how the elements involved are being recognised and implemented in society. For instance, science is increasingly exploring the impact consciousness has on medical outcomes.

For some background, check out my conversation with Carey Arber about recent news trends regarding spirituality in health and healthcare.

I hope this blog will speak to the hearts (and address the concerns) of those who are convinced that spirituality and religion can never have a scientific basis, and therefore cannot make a difference or heal. Depending on your perspective, relying on a spiritual, prayer-based method like I do can seem a little, well … precarious. But I’ve found that once you get a broader view, it’s really quite safe, not to mention effective.

I live near Toowoomba where my husband and I delight in our nearby extended family of four generations and our sprawling garden with views to the Bunya Mountains.

When I’m not writing blog posts, you can usually find me working as the media spokesperson and legislative liaison for Christian Science in Eastern and Northern Australia – from Canberra and Sydney to the Tweed Valley, and from Brisbane to Darwin.

Prior to this I worked in educational administration in both the tertiary and secondary education fields.

I’ve set up this blog so that we can have a conversation about spirituality, health and healing. Feel free to leave a comment on one of my posts or shoot me an email. In the meantime, enjoy the blog.


Mobile: 0400494406 | neaustralia@compub.org | twitter.com/KayJStroud