The alleviation of pain that feels more than miraculous

“I can still remember the feeling of love and wholeness that engulfed me…” © Glowimages
“I can still remember the feeling of love and wholeness that engulfed me…” © Glowimages

The four-hourly doses of morphine were such a welcome relief to the intense pain I was experiencing following major surgery. What could possibly make me give them up?

Amazingly, I found there was something that could persuade me to do so.

And that’s why, I want to share my experience with the sufferers who are being invited to break their silence about chronic pain for National Pain Week.Continue Reading

Could it be that we all have the power to think ourselves young again?

What if it were possible to turn back time? Could it be that we all have the power to think ourselves young again?

What a refreshing joy to see the realisation dawn on an elderly person’s face that getting older doesn’t mean decrepitude, sickness and uselessness! Did you catch the “Young Ones”, the series aired on the ABC over the last four Tuesdays? This program showed how a person’s environment can shape the way that they think, and how, in turn, the way people think shapes how they feel.Continue Reading

Australia’s quest for increased health and longevity

MAKING GAINS: Australians' life expectancies have increased due to a decline in the incidence of chronic health problems. Courier Mail, June 20, 2011

There’s been some good news in the media about the health and longevity of Australians.

The national news media, including The Courier Mail, The Australian and The Daily Telegraph all carried this report: “The number of people dying early because of chronic health problems is falling, boosting Australians’ life expectancy, a new government report has found. The report, released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare today …… found the number of people aged under 75 dying from chronic illness such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and mental illness had dropped by almost 20 per cent in the 10-year study period which ended in 2007.”

My interest was sparked by the report and I went to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare website to learn more. What really interests me is the Australian Government’s National Preventative Health Strategy that is currently being implemented. It is presented as a comprehensive approach by the Government with seven strategic directions, including shared responsibility, act early and throughout life, engage communities, reduce inequity, contribute to closing the gap for indigenous Australians, and refocus primary healthcare towards prevention.Continue Reading

What does it mean when a medical practitioner wants to offer a dose of prayer?

Is there a need for more holistic healing? Around the world this question is often in the headlines, in one form or another. My colleague in the United Kingdom, Tony Lobl, asks some important questions and shares his thoughts in a repost of his blog, as follows. Thanks Tony.

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There have been angry-with-the-doctor opinion pieces versus angry-with-the-medical-authorities reports about the recent conflab between the General Medical Council (GMC) and General Practitioner Dr. Richard Scott, who talked about Jesus to a patient. However, it is worth asking, but what does it actually entail to have a physician-patient conversation about faith?Continue Reading

“She’ll be right, mate” ~ Is Christian Science healing about positive thinking?

Today my friend and counterpart in NSW, Carey Arber, shares some quirky comments about baseless positive thinking, and explains more about a great alternative….. Thanks, Carey.

Danny Katz gives a hilarious account of his visit to the doctor – he writes the modern guru column in the ‘Weekend Magazine’ of the mainstream newspapers, ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’ and ‘The Age’.

Katz sets the scene, and we can picture it all. Half way he laments, “Doctors are supposed to make you feel better but this doctor made me feel much worse. It’s not her fault, it’s just this new Culture Of Sickness we live in, this General Unwellness Industry.” The story leaves you with a somewhat unwanted reminder of health checks.Continue Reading

Are we stuck with grief and regrets …. forever?

The Grantham community is all smiles after (from left) Major General Mick Slater, Grantham relief centre co-ordinator Julie Johnson, Premier Anna Bligh, Grantham store owners Sandy and Mick Halliday, Lockyer Mayor Steve Jones celebrate the re-opening of the general store - 2/5/11 Toowoomba Chronicle

I heard yesterday at an inspirational talk how prayer can change our thinking so that all our needs are met and our physical ills are healed, too. Robin Hoagland, Christian Science lecturer, practitioner and teacher shared experiences and inspiration with folk in the heart of the Lockyer Valley, the area that was inundated by the ‘inland tsunami’ that swept through southern Queensland on 10 January this year.

Robin told of the healing of incurable conditions (including her own diagnosed bipolar disorder) and difficult relationships through scientific practical prayer. She also explained how this kind of prayer can help to rebuild communities and assist us to move forward without grief or regrets as we focus on demonstrating love for our community instead of focussing on the picture of sorrow and a catastrophe that is outside God’s loving care.Continue Reading

Weight Loss via Prayer. Is that possible?

Bob Cummings, the media and legislative spokesperson for Christian Science in Michigan, USA shares in my guest post below how a change in thought brought about by understanding the ideas elucidated in Christian Science can lead to considerable weight loss. Thanks, Bob. 

We’re having fun now.  Stairs can be fun.  Better behavior is better.  And a change of motivation or thought can lead to better behavior.  But can a change of thought really lead to better health?  Is it possible to experience weight loss and better health through prayer?

Continue Reading

Healing prayer narrative: College student healed of depression

Depression, suicide, bipolar disorder. People grappling with mental illness and those working to alleviate the symptoms of these disorders are almost daily in the news in Australia and in every country. This video repost is a delightful account of the healing of depression and thoughts of suicide through Christian Science treatment.

This is another of my repostings of ‘Healing Prayer Narratives’ from Tony Lobl, the London-based spokesperson for Christian Science in British, Irish/EU media and legislatures.

On Wednesday evenings, Christian Science churches around the world host meetings which include spontaneously shared “experiences, testimonies, and remarks on Christian Science” for anyone curious to hear these accounts.

Such experiences and testimonies of the practicality of the power of God’s love can range from the modest to the marvellous.

This blog’s weekly Wednesday focus is on what I have been calling “healing prayer narratives”…Continue Reading

Health Effects from Spirituality

 My colleague, Keith Wommack from Texas, has found both in his healing practice and in current research that spirituality affects our health. Thanks Keith!

I’ve come to expect it. “It” being healthy effects from prayer/spirituality.

I’ve been in the healing ministry as a Christian Science practitioner since 1983. Therefore, its exciting to see studies corroborating what praying-people have been discovering since Biblical times: Prayer can make you feel better, emotionally and physically.Continue Reading