Hugs far cheaper than therapy

This image is from the article in the Herald Sun referred to below.

Clinical studies are showing that love (in the form of forgiveness and acceptance) heals …… but how?

My friend and colleague in Victoria, Daryl Francis, reminds us how to love in my guest post this week. Thanks Daryl!

Sometimes I see patterns in life, in my experiences of life. Perhaps we all have something to learn from the patterns that crop up in our own daily walk through life. I know I do. Perhaps we all do. Trouble is, life seems to go past at such a pace sometimes that we don’t take the moments needed to see what’s going on right where we are.Continue Reading

Is Christian Science the same as faith healing?

We’ve all felt judged by others, at times. And it doesn’t leave a very good taste in your mouth, especially when you’ve been trying so hard to do the best you can.

Some friends I know have felt judged at their church. I can imagine that this scenario would leave you feeling pretty desolate. It must be especially disappointing if you have prayed for healing of a physical or mental illness, dearly hoping that prayer is the answer, and healing is slow or doesn’t occur. And then to be judged by fellow church-goers suggesting you must be doing something wrong or be a ‘sinner’ must be soul-destroying.

I think I’d be one of the many who were voting with their feet and moving away from organised religion, if that had happened to me … and if I hadn’t yet learned about Christian Science.Continue Reading

World Smile Day Pre-empts Mental Health Week in Australia

World Smile Day, this Friday, was launched in 1999 by the creator of the smiley symbol that we all know so well. He felt that all of us should devote one day each year to smiles and kind acts throughout the world. The smiley face knows no politics, no geography and no religion – nor should we!

I love the brightness, yellowness and warmth that it represents. It’s a feel-good symbol we use when we want to show others that we mean well, even if at times we need to give a correction. The addition of a smiley face in an email or text message sure seems to soften that comment, and feels a little bit like a hug.

What a good reminder to speak gently when others are shouting, to give way happily when merging on the road, to speak kindly to the checkout operator – even when you have been in a queue for what seems like hours as the new recruit learns the system.

The smiley symbol also speaks to me of uncomplicated lives, of childhood and simplicity.Continue Reading

Should Health Care be built on a ‘best interests’ or ‘individual choice’ approach?

Not recommended, but it could work.....

When it’s said that an action is in someone’s best interests, a human verdict is implied. It’s in our best interests to drive on the correct side of the road, eat our vegetables, rug up against the cold, obey the laws of the land and visit the doctor regularly for health check-ups. All these imply someone has made a judgement which is deemed to be the only sane one.

That approach isn’t always the best, because I beg to differ that it’s in my best interests to visit a doctor regularly for health check-ups. I value the commitment and contribution of individuals in the medical profession, however as a Christian Scientist I prefer to rely on conscientious daily prayer and in-depth study of the Bible and its key, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy as part of my health care regime. I also have access to Christian Science Practitioners who provide practical spiritual support in this healing Science, when needed.Continue Reading

Could it be that we all have the power to think ourselves young again?

What if it were possible to turn back time? Could it be that we all have the power to think ourselves young again?

What a refreshing joy to see the realisation dawn on an elderly person’s face that getting older doesn’t mean decrepitude, sickness and uselessness! Did you catch the “Young Ones”, the series aired on the ABC over the last four Tuesdays? This program showed how a person’s environment can shape the way that they think, and how, in turn, the way people think shapes how they feel.Continue Reading

A doctor’s daughter and an atheist – why does she now turn to prayer as a “first resort”?

Today, I’m sharing Polly’s change of thought that transformed her from an atheist to a Christian Science Practitioner – from Tony Lobl’s blog. Tony’s the British and Irish media/legislative representative for Christian Science and representative for Christian Science to pan-European institutions.

Today’s blog is a guest blog from Polly Castor. Polly “is a Christian Science Practitioner, an Artist, a Photographer, a Poet, a Homeschooling Mother, a wife, a Gourmet Cook, a Traveler, a Nature Lover, a Reader, a Peacemaker, and a former Structural Engineer”. She writes from the USA.

Often people think of Christian Scientists as “those people who don’t go to doctors.” While this is frequently the case, there is no church mandate to that effect, and there is no censure toward anyone using medical means.

I usually explain the difference between our approach and the more conventional one this way: we turn to God in prayer as our first resort, instead of using prayer as a last resort, like it is for so many people. When this prayerful treatment of a problem is handled in the effective manner taught in Christian Science, very often there is an immediate remedy, and the seeking of medical help becomes unnecessary.Continue Reading

Australia’s quest for increased health and longevity

MAKING GAINS: Australians' life expectancies have increased due to a decline in the incidence of chronic health problems. Courier Mail, June 20, 2011

There’s been some good news in the media about the health and longevity of Australians.

The national news media, including The Courier Mail, The Australian and The Daily Telegraph all carried this report: “The number of people dying early because of chronic health problems is falling, boosting Australians’ life expectancy, a new government report has found. The report, released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare today …… found the number of people aged under 75 dying from chronic illness such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and mental illness had dropped by almost 20 per cent in the 10-year study period which ended in 2007.”

My interest was sparked by the report and I went to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare website to learn more. What really interests me is the Australian Government’s National Preventative Health Strategy that is currently being implemented. It is presented as a comprehensive approach by the Government with seven strategic directions, including shared responsibility, act early and throughout life, engage communities, reduce inequity, contribute to closing the gap for indigenous Australians, and refocus primary healthcare towards prevention.Continue Reading

Is Australia devoid of spiritual education in healthcare?

My counterpart in NSW, media representative and legislative liaison for Christian Science, Carey Arber, hits the nail on the head with this article, my guest post today. Please come out of the woodwork, Aussie thinkers……

So, is Australia devoid of spiritual education in healthcare? Not for long if you check out what Aussie thinkers are saying. However, it is lagging behind somewhat. Can Australia catch up with places like North America, the UK and Europe?

This fascinating observation caught my attention by Australian consultant psychiatrist, Tanveer Ahmed in The Sydney Morning Herald: “The increasing embrace of wellness ideologies to embellish personal medical credentials is a sign not of enlightened practice, but of the slow decline of the doctor as a genuine source of wisdom. It is in part a reflection of the narrowness of modern medical education that patients are fleeing the medical profession because doctors concentrate on rational knowledge at the expense of life’s mysteries. They are being moved in a very specific direction, towards religion, but not as we have previously known it.”Continue Reading

What does it mean when a medical practitioner wants to offer a dose of prayer?

Is there a need for more holistic healing? Around the world this question is often in the headlines, in one form or another. My colleague in the United Kingdom, Tony Lobl, asks some important questions and shares his thoughts in a repost of his blog, as follows. Thanks Tony.

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There have been angry-with-the-doctor opinion pieces versus angry-with-the-medical-authorities reports about the recent conflab between the General Medical Council (GMC) and General Practitioner Dr. Richard Scott, who talked about Jesus to a patient. However, it is worth asking, but what does it actually entail to have a physician-patient conversation about faith?Continue Reading

Food poisoning healed through prayer in Christian Science

I have just arrived home from a month’s holiday in Europe …. and yes, it’s great to be back in Australia again. Wow, what a special place it is!

However, when I became aware that all the news media in Australia were giving considerable news space to reports of a recent outbreak of E. coli in Europe, I pricked up my ears. On Monday night Channel Ten’s 7PM Project gave their usual comic twist to their report on the outbreak (take that, vegetarians!), including representations of how the bacteria look and what they can do. Watching last night’s news I felt so sorry for people bemoaning the fact that they just didn’t know what to eat, or the farmers who were sustaining huge financial losses due to the need to destroy their crops.Continue Reading