‘Doing nothing’ can be good for you

Jacarandas in my garden at Highfields

This article first appeared in these newspapers: The Toowoomba Chronicle, Gladstone Observer, Sunshine Coast Daily, Northern Star, Mackay Daily Mercury, Bundaberg’s NewsMail.

Last week, I was waxing lyrical to a new acquaintance about the jacarandas in full bloom in my garden and all over Australia at the moment. But it made me think again when she said that all that jacarandas brought to mind for her was the gut-wrenching feeling of preparing and sitting for major examinations. Apparently the annual jacaranda blooming season produced not only mental turmoil for her, but made her physically sick to the stomach. Others have said that it brings on their hay fever.

How can plants be viewed so differently – those who delight in growing and showing off all the highly perfumed flowers and relish frolicking in the newly mown grass, and the others who shrink in fear at the very thought of heading out into the garden let alone dealing with floral arrangements decorating every room of the house.

According to the World Allergy Organization approximately 30 to 40 percent of the world’s population suffers from allergic diseases.Continue Reading

End of Modern Medicine?

What did Dr Chan, head of the World Health Organization, mean when she said we were seeing “the end of modern medicine”? And what does this mean for you and me? My colleague, Bob Clark from Florida USA sheds some light in my guest post today. 

Watching NBC Nightly News earlier this week I was surprised to hear Brian Williams use the phrase, “the end of modern medicine”.  NBC News was joined by ABC News, Huffington Post and UK’s The Telegraph, among other sources, in reporting on World Health Organization Director General, Dr Margaret Chan’s use of that phrase. She was talking about the overuse of antibiotics, their increasing ineffectiveness in controlling disease and the threatened end of modern medicine as a result.Continue Reading