Make a game-changing New Year’s resolution


While some of us are still dealing with the influx of visitors, festivities and sun-soaked holidays, in the back of our minds is the niggling thought that 2015 has already begun and now is the time to make our New Year’s resolutions, before it’s too late.

Some are choosing to eat healthier and exercise more. That certainly can make us feel better.

Two other resolutions that go hand-in-hand will not only increase your health but be game-changers in your life:Continue Reading

Want better health? Resolve to ‘think positive’ in 2014

How to become a change-agent in 2014 © Glowimages
How to become a change-agent in 2014 © Glowimages

Have you been following The Paradise on TV? Maybe you went to see the second movie in The Hunger Games trilogy or The Book Thief during the holiday season?

Some of us identify more intensely with the characters on the big screen, but it seems that we all love following an intelligent, positive hero as he or she conquers fear, stays cool and becomes a change-agent in the world.

Their success begs the question: Is it good luck, good genes, ‘right place, right time’ or positive thinking that makes the difference?

And how about in real life?

Medical Breakthroughs… From The Trash?

Medical breakthroughs not ‘anecdotal trash’ after all? My guest post today is by Eric Nelson, media spokesperson for Christian Science in Northern California.

It’s amazing what folks are discovering these days. Even in the discard pile.

Not too long ago a man from San Jose, CA paid $1100 for the contents of an abandoned storage unit he’d only seen from the outside. Moments after the sale, he found a Rubbermaid container inside filled with $500,000 worth of rare coins and gold bars.

Then came the discovery by a team of international astronomers of the first circumbinary planet. These are planets that orbit not one but two stars at the same time; kind of like Tatooine for you Star Wars fans. Where did they find it? According to one of the scientists who made the discovery, from a “rubbish bin” of junk data that other astronomers had determined was too bothersome to evaluate.

But my favorite are the discoveries being made all the time about the mental nature of health, thanks to a growing number of medical researchers who are beginning to take a closer look at evidence once cast aside as nothing more than anecdotal “trash.”Continue Reading