Prayer and Scientific Research

50% of American adults rely on prayer for healing! There are probably more people in Australia than we thought, who do so, too. What does this mean for OUR Government as it considers our health needs? Read below what my colleague, Ken Girard has discovered about this phenomenon in the US.

According to an editorial in The Christian Science Monitor (“Does prayer exist, in Washington’s eyes?” June 17, 2011), one-half of American adults rely on prayer for healing.  Yes, one-half!  That’s significant from any perspective.  However the same editorial goes on to state:

Yet the federal government recently decided not to study prayer as an alternative to medicine – as it had done for years.Continue Reading

Australia’s quest for increased health and longevity

MAKING GAINS: Australians' life expectancies have increased due to a decline in the incidence of chronic health problems. Courier Mail, June 20, 2011

There’s been some good news in the media about the health and longevity of Australians.

The national news media, including The Courier Mail, The Australian and The Daily Telegraph all carried this report: “The number of people dying early because of chronic health problems is falling, boosting Australians’ life expectancy, a new government report has found. The report, released by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare today …… found the number of people aged under 75 dying from chronic illness such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and mental illness had dropped by almost 20 per cent in the 10-year study period which ended in 2007.”

My interest was sparked by the report and I went to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare website to learn more. What really interests me is the Australian Government’s National Preventative Health Strategy that is currently being implemented. It is presented as a comprehensive approach by the Government with seven strategic directions, including shared responsibility, act early and throughout life, engage communities, reduce inequity, contribute to closing the gap for indigenous Australians, and refocus primary healthcare towards prevention.Continue Reading

Is Australia devoid of spiritual education in healthcare?

My counterpart in NSW, media representative and legislative liaison for Christian Science, Carey Arber, hits the nail on the head with this article, my guest post today. Please come out of the woodwork, Aussie thinkers……

So, is Australia devoid of spiritual education in healthcare? Not for long if you check out what Aussie thinkers are saying. However, it is lagging behind somewhat. Can Australia catch up with places like North America, the UK and Europe?

This fascinating observation caught my attention by Australian consultant psychiatrist, Tanveer Ahmed in The Sydney Morning Herald: “The increasing embrace of wellness ideologies to embellish personal medical credentials is a sign not of enlightened practice, but of the slow decline of the doctor as a genuine source of wisdom. It is in part a reflection of the narrowness of modern medical education that patients are fleeing the medical profession because doctors concentrate on rational knowledge at the expense of life’s mysteries. They are being moved in a very specific direction, towards religion, but not as we have previously known it.”Continue Reading

Can a change of thought really cure an allergy?

Daniel Mocsari helps his three-week-old son Bodhi become used to mastiff Nalla. Research shows keeping pets reduces allergies to dogs and cats. Picture: Jane Dempster Source: The Australian

Just yesterday I read in an article in the online Medical Journal of Australia that “Allergic diseases increased dramatically throughout the 20th century, a change that has been described as an “epidemic”. And what’s more, “The incidence of allergic disease in Australia is one of the highest in the world.”

I’d have to agree that I often hear that there is a likelihood that we could be allergic to something in the environment, and lots of my friends have allergies and suffer a great deal. We’re told by the media that maybe we all need to be more careful about what we eat and to stay clear of some foods. So when last month I read in the Courier Mail that a new skin patch has been developed that can gradually treat an allergic reaction to peanuts, I was delighted to hear that a way forward and out of fear of allergic reaction to peanuts had emerged, at least.Continue Reading

What does it mean when a medical practitioner wants to offer a dose of prayer?

Is there a need for more holistic healing? Around the world this question is often in the headlines, in one form or another. My colleague in the United Kingdom, Tony Lobl, asks some important questions and shares his thoughts in a repost of his blog, as follows. Thanks Tony.

Source: Photostogo

There have been angry-with-the-doctor opinion pieces versus angry-with-the-medical-authorities reports about the recent conflab between the General Medical Council (GMC) and General Practitioner Dr. Richard Scott, who talked about Jesus to a patient. However, it is worth asking, but what does it actually entail to have a physician-patient conversation about faith?Continue Reading

“She’ll be right, mate” ~ Is Christian Science healing about positive thinking?

Today my friend and counterpart in NSW, Carey Arber, shares some quirky comments about baseless positive thinking, and explains more about a great alternative….. Thanks, Carey.

Danny Katz gives a hilarious account of his visit to the doctor – he writes the modern guru column in the ‘Weekend Magazine’ of the mainstream newspapers, ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’ and ‘The Age’.

Katz sets the scene, and we can picture it all. Half way he laments, “Doctors are supposed to make you feel better but this doctor made me feel much worse. It’s not her fault, it’s just this new Culture Of Sickness we live in, this General Unwellness Industry.” The story leaves you with a somewhat unwanted reminder of health checks.Continue Reading

Michelle: Christian Healing > No Miracle > Natural

People are often perplexed at how to deal with the over-consumption of alcohol, especially by teenagers and 20-somethings. Although any change in young people’s behaviour will require a change of the collective thought on the use of alcohol, we would probably all agree that needed social change is rarely made quickly or easily. However, despite all the debate on this subject, my colleague Keith Wommack, from Texas USA has inspired me to broaden my thought about this issue and the possibilities that scientific prayer can bring ……. no matter what! Check out the re-post of his blog below.

Many years ago, I taught Michelle in Sunday School. A few years later, when she was a teenager, she went to a party and drank until she was drunk. Friends took her to a house and left her alone for several hours. When they returned at 3:30 in the morning, they found her unconscious and not breathing. When firemen were unable to revive her, she was immediately taken to a hospital. At the hospital she was found to have alcohol poisoning and wasn’t expected to live.Continue Reading

Harmony Day in Australia + International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

So…. did you wear orange for Harmony Day today?

On Harmony Day in Australia, we celebrate our cultural diversity in schools and workplaces, in sports organisations, and in local government and community group activities. The continuing message is that Everyone Belongs, meaning that all Australians are welcome as a part of our country, regardless of their background.

I really enjoy trying the different cuisines on offer at these events! Most recently I enjoyed ‘the best’ goat stew prepared by my Aboriginal friend.Continue Reading